July Home Improvement Plan

Whether you need to clear out a corner or revamp the entire garage, it’s time to organize the space your car calls home.


Here’s how to get started.

• Set your priorities. Are you creating room to park a second car, store your outdoor gear, or add a workshop? Your end goal determines what you need to do.

• Sort through your stuff. Just as you would do with a closet, decide what you want to keep, what you can give away, and what should be recycled or discarded.

• Store items in zones based on your interests (e.g., gardening tools and supplies). Cabinets, shelves, pegboard, hooks, and labels will help you keep items organized and easy to find.

• Get rid of the junk. Make sure that items that should not go in the landfill (e.g., chemicals, tires) are disposed of in an appropriate manner.




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