October Home Improvement Plan

Give your kitchen a stylish focal point by installing a tile backsplash. (Begin the project soon and you’ll easily be done before Thanksgiving.) Here’s how to get started:

• Figure out how much of the wall the new backsplash will cover. Take the dimensions with you when shopping for tile.

• Visit a tile showroom or home center to view samples. Four-inch-square tiles are the most common choice, but you may want to consider rectangular subway tiles or mosaic tiles.

• Choose colors that go with semipermanent components (e.g,. cabinets) rather than something that is easily changed (such as curtains).

• Decide on a design. Keep your backsplash dimensions in mind since some patterns will fit better than others.

• Buy more tile than you think you’ll need to account for waste and mistakes.

• Decide whether you’ll install the backsplash yourself or hire someone to do it. The more complex the design, the more sense it makes to bring in a pro.


How to install a tile backsplash

Tile Inspiration for the Kitchen and Bathroom