October Home Improvement Plan

Give your kitchen a stylish focal point by installing a tile backsplash. (Begin the project soon and you’ll easily be done before Thanksgiving.) Here’s how to get started: • Figure out how much of the wall the new backsplash will cover. Take the dimensions with you when shopping for tile….

A September Interior Home Checklist

Prep your home for cooler weather with these tasks to do in an hour, over a weekend and during the month. From the first days, which probably still feel like summer, to the last, when you may notice that first chill in the air, September is a time of transition….

Chic Mudrooms with Back-To-School Potential

Your kids back to school days are right around the corner, is your mudroom up for the task? Can it handle the backpacks, shoes, coats, school projects and chaos?   Here is some mudroom inspiration to turn your clutter into a crisp clean space. For more inspiration visit my Pinterest…

Indoor House Plants

Aloe Vera 2. Areca Palm 3. Rubber Plant 4. Bamboo 5. Boston Fern 6. Chinese Evergreen 7. String of Pearls 8. Mass Cane (dracaena massangeana) 9. Pygmy Date Palm 10. Ficus Lyrata 11. Snake Plant 12. Spider Plant 13. Succulent 14. Cactus 15. Money Plant          …

9 Quick Tips for Deodorizing your Home

Wash throw blankets, accent pillow covers, slipcovers. They pick up pet hair and odours in the air   Clean carpet and rugs. Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and any area rugs you may have and let it sit for at least 15 min before vacuuming Tip: add you favourite…