For Sale By Owner




My goal for this page is to connect you with my potential buyer’s. I like to provide my buyer’s with extra service by showing them properties outside the Multiple Listing Service. This is where you come in. Sometimes it is difficult finding homes that are For Sale by Owner, due to the fact many Realtors depend on the Multiple Listing Service.


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If you are a FSBO and would like me to place your house into the hands of my buyer’s, send me a quick email/text or phone call.



Or make it easy!

Fill out this form which will automatically be emailed to me.

For Sale by Owner Form


By helping each other, I can help my clients find their homes which could potentially be yours.

I will also offer free services that my past For Sale by Owner clients have used.

Free Services Offered

  1. A direct line to me
  2. All the legal forms necessary to complete a sale
  3. Referrals
  4. Negotiable commission
  5. Consultation with a mortgage specialist
  6. If relocating, a referral to a Realtor in any city in the world
  7. A Comparative Market Analysis


Discounts Offered




In return, I would appreciate the following:


By providing me with your property information I will email you page called, For Sale by Owner Client Organizer.

By filling out this form I can help connect you with potential buyers who need to sell their home before purchasing a new one (your home).


It’s a continuous cycle,

Buyer → Buy’s Seller’s Home → Seller’s turn into Buyer’s → Buyer → Buy’s Seller’s Home →


By providing me with this information it opens your home to more potential buyers.

Should these clients use Century 21 to complete a purchase or sale, you can expect compensation in addition to the services above.


Thank you,

I look forward to beginning our partnership.