Multi Residential


Supply and Demand forces that affect multi-residential properties

  • Economics
  • Demographics
  • Target Market

This could be expanding employment opportunities, an increase in income levels, in-migration and out-migration, an increase in birth rates

  • Analyze the existing competition

Visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website to view their current Rental Market Reports based on your sought after area.

Ontario’s 2016 Rental Market Highlights;

further broken down by Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo.

Ontario 2016 Rental Market ReportOntario Rental Market VacancyPrivate Apartment KWC 2016Private Townhouse KWC 2016

To learn more information regarding the act that protects tenants, helps landlords and promotes investment in Ontario’s rental housing market visit the Residential Tenancies Act website from the Government of Canada.


The goal is to lessen urban sprawl and encourage infill

Some zoning requirements include:

  • lot area minimums;
  • lot frontage minimums;
  • lot coverage maximums;
  • overall height maximums;
  • floor area minimums;
  • front, side and rear yard minimums (setbacks);
  • units per hectare;
  • parking allocation per unit; and
  • landscaping minimums (as percentage of total lot size).
To view your current or sought after zoning classification (for example: R1) visit the links.

Kitchener Zoning Bylaw

Waterloo Zoning Bylaw – Interactive

Wilmot Township Zoning Bylaw – Currently not available online

Oxford County Zoning Bylaw

Cambridge Zoning Bylaw – Desktop version – Mobile version

Guelph Zoning Bylaw

Wellesley Zoning Bylaw – must scroll

Current Construction Trends

Newer multi-residential structures are including more extensive decor, impressive lobby areas, extensive safety and security features (access controls, emergency call buttons and video surveillance), green building techniques, landscape/buffer areas, large balconies and attractive exteriors.